about startbiking

StartBiking is dedicated to getting people out and riding their mountain bikes. By providing an extensive list of nearby trails, for all ability levels, we aim to be the #1 destination for local trails for all riders. Now get out and ride!

jk, founder StartBiking

I founded StartBiking in 2007 after realizing I was lucky. Lucky because I had met the right people who were already into mountain biking. Without them I have no idea how I would have started. You see, to me, the most difficult part of mountain biking is starting. Sure I can head down to my local bike store (LBS) and pick up a bike they tell me will make me a rider. Get all the gear while I am their too. However,is it the right bike? Does the gear suck? where do you ride? Where do others ride? etc. etc.

There are trails all over the place, some probably in your backyard. In fact after 9 years of riding near Boston, I discovered a new trail network. For 9 years I had no idea it existed. Then, one day while talking to a complete stranger in the parking lot at Harold Parker State Forest, a fellow rider opened my eyes to Willowdale. Now it is probably one of my favorite places to ride, just wish I would have found it sooner. This is why I started StartBiking. To get people to talk about where they ride, what they ride, and who can ride with them.

StartBiking is all about exposing new trails, and new rides at old trails, to riders. I want to eliminate one of the barriers into mountain biking. So now, every time we ride, we track ourselves with a GPS device. This way, when someone is looking for a trail, a new experience, or a new route, they can come to StartBiking to find just what they are looking for. All our maps are available via Google Maps, along with a KML download. This way, if you find a route you like, you can download it to your favorite device. All our maps are free, always will be. Just remember, all maps are provided as is, we do our best to indicate what trails are open and the skill level needed to ride them, but always exercise caution when riding.

About Me

about me After buying my first mountain bike in 2002, an XC Nuke Proof hardtail, I fell in love with the world of mountain biking. Over the years I have updated my rides, but the passion for being out on the trails has never wavered. From my first ride, at Upton State Forest, on the Nuke Proof, with a hand me down helmet and gloves, I knew I was hooked. Yeah, I fell over 2 minutes into my first ride and questioned myself as well as this new activity (I was riding clipless for the first time ever!). My body has been bruised, bloodied and broken of the years, but honestly, there is nothing like being out on the trail with just the sounds of your bike and your breathing. It is a special thing. It is something I want to bring to everyone.