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The Charlemont trails are a new set of trails opening after many years of development. Many of the trails are new and need to be ridden more / finished. Be prepared and bring your climbing legs.

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Description: The Charlemont trails are split into two sections:

The North: This is where you will find the majority of the trail system. Once you leave either the Zoar Outdoor parking lot or the Warfield House parking lot [see below] get ready to climb. This side has a ton of elevation change, littered with 4 mountain peaks [topping out at 1590'] and Riddel Ridge. The north side offers trails for all skill levels, with most of the green [beginner] trails being old fire roads. As of this writing, a lot of the trails further north into the park are fairly new, loose, and not completely finished. The trails offer a wide variety of challenges in the current state, with a ton of off camber climbs and descents, especially on Red Zone. Our favorite trails on the north side would have to be Red Zone, Sweet 16, and Upper West Side.

The South [Berkshire East]: This side of the park is composed of the Berkshire East trails on Mount Institute, which tops out at 1540'. After parking at the base lodge you have a LONG slow, shitty climb to the on the west side of the mountain [i.e. Wilderness Brook Trail to Roundabout to Silver Doe]. Be aware these trails are not easy and not completely ready to ride. Going up the mountain on the west side requires some hike-a-bike. It is also not easy to follow the trail once you get to the top of the Quad on Roundabout, if you get there and don't see where to go look down the zip line to your right and you will see the pink ribbons on the left of the zip lines. Honestly, we were not impressed with south side trails, until we got to Billy's World. Billy's World is a great, fast, flowy trail that you can let the bike go on. It is definitely a downhill trail that has its obstacles, so if you are a beginner I suggest you stay away for now. If you must hit Billy's World I suggest you shuttle it with two cars to avoid the ridiculousness of the climb up to the start of it.

Parking: You can park numerous places:
  • Zoar Outdoor Center just off Route 2 [map]
  • Warfield House at the end of Warfield Rd [map]
  • And Berkshire East Base Lodge for the south side trails [map]

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Length: 9.00 mi, Elevation: 2770 ft

This is the North side of the trail system.

[map] [kml] [gpx] [mobile]
Length: 6.50 mi, Elevation: 2229 ft

This is the South side [Berkshire East] of the trail system.

[map] [kml] [gpx] [mobile]

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