Charlemont, MA

The Charlemont trails are split into two sections:

The North: This is where you will find the majority of the trail system. Once you leave either the Zoar Outdoor parking lot or the Warfield House parking lot [see below] get ready to climb. This side has a ton of elevation change, littered with 4 mountain peaks [topping out at 1590'] and Riddel Ridge. The north side offers trails for all skill levels, with most of the green [beginner] trails being old fire roads. As of this writing, a lot of the trails further north into the park are fairly new, loose, and not completely finished. The trails offer a wide variety of challenges in the current state, with a ton of off camber climbs and descents, especially on Red Zone. Our favorite trails on the north side would have to be Red Zone, Sweet 16, and Upper West Side.

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