Landlocked Forest

Burlington, MA

Landlocked forest is a great place to ride if you are in a pinch for time, or if you want to just get out and pedal some very well maintained singletrack. Nestled between routes 3, 128 and 62 in Burlington, Landlocked Forest isn't a huge place, but has used its available land well. The Yellow loop is the main loop of Landlocked, and runs about 4.5 miles start to finish. Luckily, the Yellow loop is augmented by Blue Connector trails and a ton of unmarked / mapped trails.

Some of the best trails at Landlocked are the unmarked trails. To get to what some of the local riders call the playground, head northwest out of the parking lot, following the New Scout Trail to the Yellow Loop. Follow the Yellow Loop trail to Gas Line at marker 16. At marker 16 hang a left and go explore. You will not be disappointed!

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