Laurel Lane / School Street

Essex, MA

Rocks. Rollers. Berms. What more can you ask for! The School Street trails have it all. Love Lynn Woods? Come to School Street.

The trails can be a little confusing so here is the best way I know how to ride them. Enter the trails by turning left onto the fireroad that is almost immediately to your left when you turn onto Laurel Lane. Pedal up the fireroad until you get to the top of the hill. DO NOT take left split in the fireroad half way up the hill, keep pedaling. As you approach the top of the hill you will pass a trail entrance on your right, don't enter it, keep going. Right before you start going down fireroad there is an entrance on your left. Enter there. You have gone too far if you begin to go downhill while on the fireroad. Once you have entered the trails there is no signage, so grab a GPS route to have with you.

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