Yudicky Farm

Nashua, NH

Yudicky is basically split into two sections by Groton Rd [NH 111A]. To the North is the Yudicky Farm Conservation Area and a slew of fast, flowy singletrack trails. These trails are tight, twisty and a ton of fun. You can put in some serious miles, just be aware there are unmarked trails out there that will lead you places not on a map. Don't panic, getting lost is just another way to find your favorite trail!

To the South side of Groton Rd, you will find some of the most fun technical trails around. The builders on this side of the road outdid themselves. You will find huge north shore style skinnys, teeter totters, drops, launches, rock gardens, etc. This side of Yudicky is fast, technical and littered with things to play on.

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